Kitchenstar unveils latest highly rated quality cooking tools to the global market

Kitchenstar is out to redefine industry standards after unveiling its latest quality cooking tools designed by passionate food lovers from around the world.

One of its bestsellers is Kitchenstar Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter, a restaurant-caliber tool designed to provide individuals with an easier and more efficient way of cutting pizza without disturbing well-placed toppings.

"This impressive culinary tool delivers flawless slices of pie faster than your local pizza shop," the representative says.
To get started, individuals simply need to place the Kitchenstar Cutter at the center of the pizza and rock side to side and then rotate it to cut as many slices as they wish.
The product includes a unique protective rocker blade cover for handling and convenient storage. It lays flat in a drawer without damaging the blade or cutting fingers.

Another top-rated product is the Kitchenstar Foldable Pizza Peel, which serves as a versatile solution for placing, turning, and retrieving pizzas, flatbreads, sandwiches, heart-baked bread, pastries, and other baked goods.

The product can be used as a pizza flipper, dough spatula, flatbread holder, pie and cake peeler, and more.

It features a shovel-style paddle made with a lightweight yet heavy-duty construction. Food grade stainless steel was used, not only for its strength and durability but for rust and corrosion resistance. The product is dishwasher-friendly and easy to clean.

"Thinner than most wooden paddles, the tapered steel edge allows individuals to place their peel underneath their delicate baked goods with ease. This baking tool is conveniently sized and built to accommodate a wide range of commercial and at-home oven types, including brick, wood fire, and pizza convection ovens," a company representative said.

When extended, the pizza peel extends to 22" long, which keeps the hands out of the oven, away from the heat, and out of harm's reach. It possesses a portable and foldable design that allows for safe and easy storage in most kitchen set-ups. The EZ grip plastic handle is even equipped with a hanging hole for individuals to store it with the rest of their baking utensils.

The item is high rated by customers on Amazon, with cooking enthusiasts commending the Kitchenstar team for coming up with such a quality product.

A review written by Madam from the USA states, "It is a well-made stainless at an excellent price. It is also very easy to clean, and the handle folds over nicely for compact storage. At the price point, it is a great kitchen utensil and a good value, making it a must-have, and you will find more uses for it in the kitchen."

Another review from Christy states, "Kitchenstar Foldable Pizza Peel is great for moving, rotating, and pulling out pizzas from the oven."

Customers can check out Kitchenstar's exclusive line of products by visiting Kitchenstar Store on Amazon.


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